CAFIS.org is a digital library specializing in the writings of pioneer missionaries to Muslims and other related literature. Whether you are looking to be a better-equipped witness of Jesus Christ or doing research for some other reason, this site will provide you with helpful, relevant material.

All files are in PDF format. Works with Latin alphabets are text-searchable within the limits of the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) process used to turn scanned images into searchable text. In other words, the search accuracy, though generally high, is not guaranteed to be 100%. Non-Latin alphabets such as Arabic are not searchable.

CAFIS.org holdings will include items not previously available on the internet as well as those available elsewhere on the internet. The purpose for including such items here is two-fold: first, to work towards providing as comprehensive as possible a list of each author’s works; and second, to bring these items into a single site or if unavailable here, provide links to where such known extant works exist. Unless otherwise indicated, all scans on this site have been made by CAFIS.org.

Regular updates will be made to the website to increase the number of its holdings. Please visit frequently and let others know about CAFIS.org.

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